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Access to all courses material through E-Learning platform

Executive Master in International Politics

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Access to video conference platform

We merely send you a Zoom link over e-mail for you to click on, and you’re in the game.

From that point the lecturer “share” his screen which becomes visible to all participants – and when you view the Lecturer and his PowerPoint all others do as well.

If you log in before class time, you must wait in the waiting room.

We also have a “moderator” online, to control the microphones of the participants, so two-way conversations can go without anybody interrupting anybody else.

Our audience is very disciplined (ambassadors, senior officials…).

Procedure to access the E-Learning platform


1. Click on the button labeled of your programme.

2. Select the desired module or Seminar of your programme.

3. Enter your « User Name » and « Password ».

4. To have initial access to a desired module, you will be required to enter the « key » of the module (Enrolment Key).

5. Participants can download the proceedings of the module just above.

6. Participants can equally download various AUDIO, VIDEO, PDF, PowerPoint and READINGS related to a given lesson next to the lecture’s photo.

7. Participants can also access the media library (CERIS Archives). 


The lecture is specified next to each document available to our participants, preceded by the word “Archive” for all the documents of the lectures of the preceding years. The media library is made available to participants to enhance their general knowledge but does not constitute part of the material to be studied for the grand oral examinations. Electronic books written and published by the outstanding lectures of CERIS as well as documentaries and movies related to the theme of the module recommended both by CERIS and the lecturers, are available on the website at the end of each module, in the section captioned «Recommended Website, e-documents & useful links».