Negotiating with Chinese

Pr. Riccardo Petrella - Official Opening Session 2008-2009

CERIS Trainings are tailor-made intensive courses lasting three or five days up to ten. For policymakers, officials at all levels, academics, students and interested specialists, this is a must-attend course.


Tailor-made Intensive Courses aim to provide a deeper understanding of current issues of today’s international relations such as Peacekeeping and peace enforcement (including State & Democracy building), International terrorism, EU trade policy, WTO and globalization, Strategic Negotiation, Strategic Communication, Strategic Crisis Management, Negotiating with Chinese, European Foreign and security policy, Common defence policy and the future of Transatlantic relations.


Intensive Training on Negotiating with Chinese : Working in China offers both opportunities and challenges for companies and also for executives. In the booming activity China faces, one of the most difficult challenges is to interact effectively and develop a productive synergy between foreigners and Chinese counterparts. It is a key issue for foreign companies who want to establish themselves in China or are already operating over there. To address those needs a 2-day intensive program is offered to participants in order to enhance their ability to negotiate effectively with their Chinese counterparts.



Introducing Chinese culture, Society, and market

[Basic traditional value

Current changing values


The Chinese mindset

Chinese thinking


Balance concept


Chinese profiles of negotiators According to :



Age group


Chinese perceptions of foreign negotiators

Chinese negotiating Strategies

Unethical practices

The mobile warfare

The joint project


Tactics and tricks

The negotiating concept

The role of interpreter

Communicating effectively

Effective strategies in various types of negotiations

Buying; selling

Setting up a joint venture

Transfering technology

Operating a joint venture

Cooperative / Competitive / Conflicting situations


The characteristics of a good agreement

The effective negotiator in China

Our lecturer


Professor Guy Olivier Faure

Teaching system

“The programme does systematic analysis on negotiation’s structure, process and strategy, and it helps a lot in controlling negotiations from a higher level and as a whole. With visualized cases and open mindset, the professor explains profound knowledge in a simple way. His belief in achieving harmonious development and multi-win through negotiation, together with his spirit of rational speculation, make us gasp in admiration. Doubtlessly, it is very pleasant learning experience.” Charles Chen, Baxter (China) Medical

 The training takes place over a period of three days, with additional online modules and access to a database aimed at deepening the knowledge acquired. In the database, you will find video and audio-MP3, and reading materials, such as the lecturer’s PowerPoint presentations, as well as key articles additional to the curriculum

 In order to ensure the quality of our trainings, their interactivity and a healthy dose of competition, we restrict the number of participants to 20 per session. For simulations and case studies, groups are limited to a maximum of 5 to 10 students. The training is tailored to the participants’ needs and wishes. Simulations and case studies are organized according to the interests of the participants.

 Every class session is split in two parts. The first part focuses on concepts and theory. The second part is dedicated to case studies or simulations in small groups. There are 15-minute coffee breaks every two hours and the lunch break lasts 90 minutes. These are opportunities for informal exchanges between the trainer and the participants that allow them to expand the knowledge acquired, to ask further questions and to network. Coffee and lunch breaks are covered in tuition fees.

 Once the training is duly completed, you will obtain a Certificate of Advanced studies, granted by the European Post-Graduate School of International & Development Studies.

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